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Signs You Need to Replace Your Flooring

Posted by Joseph Schaffarczyk on

Deciding when to replace your flooring can be a difficult decision. Over time, every floor suffers from wear and tear and general damage. Whether you find yourself constantly tripping over uneven flooring or your wooden flooring is looking a little tired, all types of flooring will need to be replaced at some point. Floors are an important part of your home’s overall aesthetic, and replacing damaged and old flooring can completely refresh and revive a room. Below we take a look at a few signs that it’s time to get a new floor.

There is visible damage

Vinyl, carpeting or composite flooring wears down far more quickly than wood. While wear and tear is normal, you may want to consider replacing your flooring if it is particularly damaged and dated - something that can ruin the entire look of a room, no matter how beautiful the rest of the interior. If the damage is more than just a few stains and scratches, it is time to replace your flooring.

You are moving house

Did you know that replacing the flooring in your home before selling up can actually boost the value of your home? If you are ready to put your house on the market and move to a new location, changing the flooring in your home can be a great way to cash in on some extra money when selling your home. In fact, homes with hardwood flooring actually sell more quickly and for a higher price.

Your floor is the wrong style

As mentioned above, floors are an important part of your home’s aesthetic and it is important that your flooring matches the interior of your home. Flooring comes in a huge variety of different materials, textures and colours; what once looked fantastic in your living room may now, in fact, look outdated and unstylish against your current decor. If you feel that your flooring clashes with the rest of your home, it’s time for an update.

The floor is uneven

Uneven floors do not only look unattractive, but they are also a trip hazard. If you find yourself constantly stubbing your toe on uneven flooring, it is time for a replacement. Sometimes, uneven floors are caused by foundational issues, which is why it is worth hiring a general contractor to take a look at your home before you install new flooring.

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