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From Carpet Door Bars to Stairrods: How Accessories Can Make All The Difference To Your Floor

Posted by Joseph Schaffarczyk on

When decorating or adding embellishments to our homes, we have the tendency to keep our eyes upwards and focus on adorning our walls with artwork and paint colours, or filling our rooms with furniture. Yet, how often do we think of ways we can accessorise and spruce up our floors? We predict that this isn’t as often as other decorating practises that will take priority, and whilst finding the perfect velvet sofa or piece of artwork is important - sourcing the right floor accessories is one of the best ways to add the final finishing touches to your interior decoration.

This may be surprising to some, but there are many different floor accessories out there:

  • Door thresholds

  • Carpet door bars

  • Wooden beading

  • Stair rods

  • Rugs

Below, we will take a closer look at these and show you ways that they can bring both a practical and aesthetic feature to your home.

Door Thresholds and Carpet Door Bars Help Energy Efficiency and Minimise Flooding Risks

Door thresholds and carpet door bars are the unsung heroes of maximising and improving your home’s energy efficiency. Though double glazed windows, thick curtains and well-insulated roofs and walls are at the helm of keeping your home warm in winter and cool in summer, door thresholds can help also.

This simple strip of wood or metal across the door entrance will minimise the gap between the end of the door and the floor, preventing cooling drafts from entering and air from escaping. This will promote and maintain the warm or cool temperature that you desire in the room - perfect for hot summer nights or chilly wintery mornings.

What’s more, this can help improve your home’s environmentally friendly credentials as you are less likely to use the central heating or air conditioning systems more regularly. Not only will this reduce your home’s carbon footprint but it can also help to minimise your heating and electricity bills.

Door thresholds and carpet door bars are not only weather-resistant to cold British drafts, but they are also helpful to prevent excess rainwater from entering your home. We are all familiar with cold blustery British showers, especially in the autumn and winter, meaning that our homes could be threatened by floods, damp and mould. Though we can’t change our wet weather, we can make our homes resistant to it. Door thresholds and carpet door bars act as a literal barrier between your entrances and the outside world, preventing the flow of rainwater entering your home.

Rainwater can affect the structural damage of your home, making your floors slippery and susceptible to water damage. If you have wooden flooring, water can seep into the grains and rot away at the wood, carpets can hold onto the water and create damp and unsightly smells, and laminate floors can warp if exposed to excess water. You can prevent these issues by simply installing or repairing your door threshold.

Rugs Add A Homely Touch To Rustic and Engineered Oak Floorings

Rugs are a great option for adding touches of personality to floorings around the home. From creating a stunning entrance with an oriental runner, or giving your bedroom a luxurious feel with a shaggy rug - you can find a multiplicity of rug designs for every personality and style.

Rugs particularly suit wooden flooring, adding both homely and tactile touches to the space, and are the perfect accessory to frame living rooms and bedrooms. What’s more, they can easily change with any house renovations, being both easy to move and replace for a new style if that is what you would like.

There are a variety of different styles and they can be easily sourced from homeware shops, interior designers, and second-hand marketplaces. Below, we have collated together some of the most popular rug styles out there:

  • Wool shag rugs

  • Persian rugs

  • Oriental florals

  • Geometric patterns

  • Bohemian textures and patterns

  • Chevron rug

  • Morrocan rugs

  • Hide rug

  • Berber rug

Rugs can also add a practical element too, providing cushioning on hard wooden floors - ideal for young families or for the elderly.

Wooden Beading Enhances Wooden Flooring Creating A Classical Touch

If you want to add framing to your flooring, creating an ornate and classically styled living area - why not get wooden beading added? Sitting alongside skirting boards, wooden beading accentuates your living space and complements other wooden mouldings that your home may possess.

This is a great option for period homes as wooden mouldings came into favour during the 17th century and remained popular till the end of the 19th century. So, you may want to retain your period home’s original allure by adding or amending features like wooden beading, architraves and skirting boards.

What’s more, wooden beading, when coupled with skirting boards, can also be a practical accessory as well as an aesthetic one. Skirting boards are known for protecting walls from damage like furniture scrapes, hoovering and just general movement. Wooden beading furthers this by adding another layer of protection.

Create Glamour and Sophistication With Stair Rods

Originally used to keep stair runners in place, stair rods have antique associations - but they purely serve an aesthetic and decorative purpose within the modern home. You may not initially think that your staircase need’s much attention or decoration, but stair rods can add another element of style to this often forgotten space! Due to their metal material properties, from gunmetal silver to warm-toned bronze, and their decorative finial end - they are associated with glamour, expense and sophistication.

Stair rods are the perfect application if you want to dress up your home subtly - they would be the ideal embellishment and finishing touch for homes that have other decorative features like lustrous velvet curtains, antique-style furniture and a penchant for glitz and glamour.

Cushion Your Flooring With An Underlay

A flooring underlay may not add any aesthetic features to your flooring, but it is a great practical addition as flooring underlays can help reduce floor springiness and help assist in both sound and heat insulation.

Floor underlays are made from foam, felt, rubber or sponge. They are placed underneath carpet or laminate flooring improving the comfort of walking on the floors, reducing over wear and helping to keep your home warm and quiet. This is a great option for flats or multi-storey homes - as you simply don’t want to be kept up all night by your neighbours walking around their flat or playing loud music.

What’s more, having a flooring underlay installed can help increase the value and make your home more attractive to potential buyers, especially for families.

Pro-Fit Mouldings: Stockist of High-Quality Door Thresholds and Solid Oak Flooring

Here at Pro-Fit Mouldings, we pride ourselves at providing stunning wooden mouldings and oak flooring for both homes and businesses. Whether you are looking to decorate your walls or your floors, we have a range of products to suit these applications and styles. Our well-crafted pieces are the perfect fit and embellishment for homes of every style and age. Our door thresholds, skirting boards and wooden mouldings are not only immaculately made from high-quality wood, but also they are affordable too. Why not, add a touch of warmth your home both aesthetically and literally?

What’s more, our door thresholds alongside our other wooden mouldings are built to last. So, you can, therefore, be assured that they can sustain plenty of general wear and tear, and won’t need to be replaced or repaired for years.

To find out more about us, or to see our range of wooden mouldings, simply contact us today.

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