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Therm-L Exterior Doors

The Therm-L range have real oak facings and are prepared for your preferred varnish finish.

  • Solid composite core - compliant to Part "L" of building regulations, they meet the thermal ''U' (1.8w/m2k) value criteria for new build.
  • Insulated glazing units - to achieve full thermal insulation properties, glazed panels have an external face marks upon each door. For this reason, when glass panels are offset, it is important to specify left or right as viewed from the outside.
  • Matching sidelights can be reduced from 2057 to 1981mm and 457 to 356mm to fit, if secured in framing. Please note that they are not designed for use as opening doors.

IMPORTANT: Oak can be vulnerable to the elements and can be easily degraded if constantly exposed to rain or hot sun. To preserve the appearance and to guarantee long, trouble-free service, it is essential to provide adequate shelter from the worst elements of the weather. Position them back from the front face of the building or fit a canopy / open porchway projecting not less than 1.5m.

Always fit with a suitable weatherboard regardless of frame cill type fitted, to prevent droplets of moisture hanging from the door bottom. Future maintenance is most important to retain good appearance over many years and we recommend washing down with warm water and detergent every 2-3 years and re-coating.

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