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Tulipwood Door Casings

 Why choose Tulipwood Door Casings?

 Tulipwood is a soft hardwood that is an ideal choice for those wanting to finish their mouldings with a gloss or paint; it is extremely easy to work with and finishes to a fine, smooth surface.

It is far superior in quality to soft wood mouldings due to the fact it has a much cleaner appearance, with less grain characteristics and being almost knot free. When painted no grain or knots are visible. This means that it needs far less maintenance and there should be no need to repaint due to knot bleed through.

Tulipwood is also denser than soft wood and therefore can withstand more knocks and scratches, resulting in less overall damage and thus increasing the longevity of the products.

Tulipwood is the perfect choice for those wanting the strength and durability of real wood, but want to avoid the imperfections that usually accompany a natural product.