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Maintaining Your Wooden Floors: A How-To Guide

Posted by Joseph Schaffarczyk on

Beautiful, elegant, durable and timeless: these are all words that many associate with wooden floors. It’s not difficult to see why many homeowners opt for wooden flooring, however, in order for your floor to retain its natural beauty, maintenance is essential.

If your wooden floors have recently been installed, you may be wondering how best to care for them- after all, you’ll want to ensure that they stand the test of time! So, to help you keep your floors in tip-top condition, we’ve listed a few maintenance tips below.

Take your shoes off at the door

One of the biggest dangers to wooden flooring are scratches and scuffs and in rooms that experience high volumes of foot traffic, this is bound to be a problem. Although a few marks here and there are inevitable, asking your guests to remove their footwear before walking on your wooden floors will protect them from significant dents and dirty marks. Alternatively, if you think this is something that could be difficult to enforce, a doormat will encourage visitors to wipe their feet before entering, helping you to keep your wooden floors pristine.

Regular cleaning

This may seem like an obvious thing to point out, but the key to keeping your floors in good condition is regular cleaning. When sweeping, be sure to use a soft brush so as not to scratch the wood and for any visible stains, use a damp mop. Be very careful that the mop is not too wet as excessive amounts of water may warp the wood.

Wipe up spillages immediately

Whether you’ve accidentally knocked over a glass of wine or your coat is dripping with rain water, excessive amounts of liquid can ruin a wooden floor if left to sink in. With this in mind, any spillages or leaks should be wiped up quickly to prevent any irrevocable damage.

Use furniture felt pads

Furniture can leave significant scratches on wooden floors, especially if it’s moved around frequently. However, putting furniture felt pads under the legs of tables, chairs and sofas will reduce the likelihood of any deep scratches. In the event that you do need to rearrange furniture, be sure to lift it rather than drag it across the floor to ensure you don’t permanently mark the wood.

Apply a new layer of flooring oil

If your wooden floor is beginning to look a little worn, it may benefit from being re-oiled. As well as enhancing the colour of the wood, flooring oil offers a slip resistant finish and helps protect your wooden floor from wear and tear.

At Pro-Fit Mouldings, we supply furniture and flooring oils to ensure your wooden furnishings stand the test of time. To discuss our products with a member of our team, contact us today and restore your floors back to their former glory with Pro-Fit Mouldings.

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