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Different Types of Hardwood Flooring

Posted by Joseph Schaffarczyk on

If you’ve decided to revamp the style and functionality of your home by installing hardwood flooring, we think you’ve made a great decision. However, the choices don’t stop there! Now you’ve committed yourself to hardwood over carpets or lino, it’s time to decide exactly what type of wood you want. Each type of wood has a different feel, look and material properties that stand them out from one another. Here we take a look at just a few types of hardwood flooring.


Oak is arguably the most popular of all the hardwood flooring options. This is largely down to the variety of colours that oak comes in as well as it’s durability. Oak is one of the hardest and most long-lasting hardwoods so, once it’s installed, it will last for decades and will need very little regular maintenance.


Unlike the paler shade of natural oak, walnut has a much darker and moodier hue. This deeper shade is perfectly suited to more modern and minimalistic interior design, especially when offset by white walls and splashes of chrome. As another very hard hardwood, walnut is perfect for living rooms and kitchens where people will be walking all the time.


As the name suggests, rosewood naturally has a reddish hue, however, it can also come in a range of colours; all the way to purple! This style of wood has some beautiful and unique natural grain patterns to add another level on intrigue to your floors.


Aesthetically, ash wood is far more pale in comparison to all of the above. If that’s what you’re looking for in your room, ash is also one of the least expensive types of wood whilst remaining a functional option.

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