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12 interior design trends making a comeback in 2017

Posted by Joseph Schaffarczyk on

Trends come and go. But just when you think they’re dead and gone, they come again, but this time with a new modern twist. Keeping abreast of what’s hot and what’s not can be a tough task even for the most dedicated of style gurus. To help you understand the dominating looks of the day for your humble home we’ve put together 12 interior design trends that are staging a comeback in 2017.

1. Cork

Cork board

Popular in the 60’s and 70’s Cork is currently undergoing a style renaissance. Light, wear-resistant and insulating, this environmentally friendly alternative to wood flooring is also being used to construct cutting edge furniture and accessories. You can snap up floating cork floors, which click together easily with a tongue and groove joint with no glue required or glue down tiles, depending on your own personal preference. Bear in mind that glue down tiles are often used in areas that get a lot of water intrusion, so these are a wise choice for the kitchen and bathroom.  

2.Orange and teal

Orange and teal

More and more homeowners are now stepping away from minimalism and embracing colour in all its glory. Orange is one such example, a bold accent colour used on chairs and cushions that’s featuring heavily in cottage and nautical inspired interior design themes. Offsetting the orange by combining it with a dark teal adds drama and prestige to any space within your home.

3. Wood panel

Wood panel

Yes, wood paneling is back and it’s not just for mountain lodges. Forget the dreary dated wood paneling that dominated nearly every home in the 1960’s. Today’s wood paneling can help achieve the rustic, retro vibe that many homeowners wish to replicate. all. Smooth, clean and pleasant to view and touch, wood wall panels add warmth and style to your favourite rooms.

4. Rattan


Another 70’s throwback Rattan is perfect for making curvy shaped furniture and adds a relaxed natural element to any room in the house. From exotic peacock and hanging egg chairs to baskets and planter boxes it’s easy to a touch of class and sophistication to your home space. Leave it natural or paint it to add a splash of colour to any formal sitting room or traditional conservatory area.

5. Terracotta


This is making an unexpected come back thanks to its natural, organic, earthy look – something that we can’t get enough of these days. can easily be yours With a terracotta floor or floor tiles achieving the ‘old style country living’ look has never been easier. Larger and heavier than ceramic tiles, terracotta tiles need a thicker adhesive bed, especially if the tiles are handmade and vary in thickness. Before laying your tiles you should mix them up from different boxes. Terracotta tiles have natural colour variations, and a floor looks best if the shades are randomly scattered rather than in concentrated blocks.

6. Shag rug

Shag rug

In the 1970’s no home was complete without the infamous shag rug. Luxurious, fun they invite you to sit down and get comfortable and give any room a touch of elegance and sophistication. A shag rug is perfect for use in a bedroom for warmth underfoot on cold mornings, especially with hardwood floors.

7. Bold wallpaper


When it comes to wallpaper in 2017, bolder is better. Everywhere you turn on social media sites like Pinterest you’ll see bold designs like large florals, adventurous geometric shapes and daring colours. Adding show stopping designs just like these to walls and even on ceilings is guaranteed to wow any guest that you have round for dinner.

8. Pastels


It’s no wonder pretty delicate pastel tones have been adopted by so many. Injecting colour into a space without overpowering it, pastel shades add a certain calm, light and serenity to any room. Be sure to pair your pastel tones with geometric graphics and clean lines to avoid making your space looking too frilly.



Move over copper. Brass is now fast becoming the metal of choice for many a homeowner. Commonly used for frames and fixtures this metallic trend is back with a bang, albeit in softer form. We recommend mixing your brass details with clean lines and a muted colour palette to keep the look modern.

10. Macramé


If you’re a crafty type then you will be glad to hear that Macramé is back in a big way. Macramé is the art of knotting cords and rope together and was a huge hit back in the ’70s with DIY enthusiasts. As a colourful backdrop, a wall hanging is another classy addition to your décor. Mainly used for wall hangings or plant hangers both can be used as a colourful backdrop and a classy addition to your decor.

11.Subway tiles

Subway tiles

A mainstay of every trendy kitchen or cafe the humble subway tile has made a big come back in residential and commercial spaces. Whilst subway tiles are selected on their style merit they do not retain dust or residues as easily as other surfaces and can be easily cleaned with common household materials’ hence we they are seen as a good choice for kitchen areas. There are many variations on how to lay subway tile, each coming with their own difficulty level. Remember it’s best to start with the basis first to ensure you don’t make a mess of it.

12. Doors


If you’re feeling inspired and considering giving your home a makeover for 2017 remember to choose a door that’s not just a stylish compliment to your room but one that’s also practical and reliable too. Wooden doors have an attractive look and a warm inviting feel and can be stained or painted to achieve high end results.

Finding the right type of wooden door to suit your home can be hard, but at Pro-Fit Mouldings we can help you as we supply the best wooden doors around, from warm and welcoming to beautiful rustic Oak. We also supply a wide range of skirting and architrave that suits your home perfectly that’s not just tough but high quality too. For help on choosing any of the above, don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01777 872085 or feel free to drop us an email at

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