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SG101 Oak "Steel Grey", Brushed, Hardwax Oiled (190MM X 15MM X 1900MM)

SG101 Oak "Steel Grey", Brushed, Hardwax Oiled (190MM X 15MM X 1900MM)

Pro-Fit Mouldings Ltd

  • £111.00

Orders should be made per pack - size below.

This product's top layer is made from European Oak and is lightly brushed to form a relief of the natural grain. A coat of wood lye is then applied to bleach the oak surface, which reacts with the natural acids in the wood and bleaches the surface and prevents yellowing. Please see below for product specification.


European Oak

Board Type

Engineered, Multi-ply, Tongue & Groove

Pack Size

2.166m2 (includes 6 boards with up to 2 random cut boards)




Brushed, Stained and Hardwax Oiled







*It is recommended that you order a sample before buying this product. The actual colour of the flooring may vary slightly from the photo due to computer screens / lighting.

*As this is a natural product, please be aware that colours may vary with each board.

*Deliveries of flooring will arrive separately to additional products ordered. Delivery of flooring is "kerbside" only, meaning customers are responsible for getting the items inside and relevant upstairs. Our courier may be able to assist you but is not obliged to do so.  Deliveries are fulfilled by a single driver and therefore may often require assistance to unload your items.